Does HELPNOV record calls between Online Customers and Agents, Staff Member for review and quality improvement purpose?

Yes, HELPNOV does support recording of all audio, video calls between your Customers and your Agents, Staff.

Further HELPNVO gives you to configurability Recording facility available as a Toggle option when you configure HELPNOV Buttons.  This further gives you the ability to decide which types of conversations are Recordable and which are not and accordingly you can enable / disable Recording as part of HELPNOV Button and place the HELPNOV Button at appropriate points on your Website, Appointments.

How can I download the recorded calls?

Log into your HELPNOV Account and click on the “Calls” menu on the left side menu bar which will navigate you onto the screen displaying all “Calls”.

Click on the top right-side ICON of the “Calls” screen and select “Recordings” menu option to display all the active call recordings.

Click on the “download” icon (shown the last column of the call recordings) to download the call recording file.

How long the recorded calls are available for us to download?

Recorded Calls are available for you to download for a limited period of time based on Subscription Plan active at the time of Call Recorded.

For example, if you are on “Plan-A” which supports 1 month duration for storing the call recordings, then any recorded calls when you are on “Plan-A” will be kept and made available for 1 Month irrespective of whether you upgrade / downgrade / cancel your subscription.  In case if you upgrade / downgrade your subscription plan, any new storage duration as per your new plan will not be applicable for the Calls Recorded when you were on “Plan-A”.

Expired Call Recordings – After applicable storage duration (1-Month as per above example for “Plan-A”) is elapsed, Call Recordings will be expired and it will get permanently deleted from our cloud storage. No download option be available for those expired call recordings.