Make Your Online Customers Feel Special


Use HELPNOV to Offer

Humanized Online

Experience where

it matters


Humanize Customers’ Online

Experience Where It Matters

Allow online users to have humanized

conversation with your agents, staff from the

very page they are on your website to make

you more approachable.

Talk Through Web

Guided Online Assistance To

Make Informed Choices

Enable Live read-only screen sharing session as part of

ongoing audio, video call between online user and your

agents, staff for more interactive guidance assistance

to help make more informed choice.

Be Approachable for Online Clients from your Website

HELPNOV Appointments makes it easy for you and

your clients to book and manage appointments with

just a click of a button through your website.


✔ Clients requests for an Appointments through your website.
✔ Manage (accept, assign to staff, propose to new time) the
Appointment based on Appointment feature on HELPNOV’s
Agent Application.
✔ Send Appointment Confirmation e-mails with ‘JOIN’ button
to click and join meetings with followings features –
Live Screen sharing

Attend Online Customer Calls

With Laptop And Mobile From


HELPNOV’s Agent Anywhere feature offers flexibility for

your agents, staff to join Audio, video calls with online

customers from both Office desk and while in remote



Just laptop with Internet connection is all that is



In case of away from laptop, HELPNOV’s mobile mode

feature allows your staff to use their smart phone to

join Audio, video calls with online customer on your



Live Screen sharing

Audio Call From Your Website

To Landline

Yes, that’s right.

HELPNOV’s Online to Landline feature bridges your

Website to your landline with audio calling.


Your online user talks through website and your agent,

staff will talk Through landline.


This comes handy to route those online user calls to

your regular customer Care number when all your

agents, staff are busy talking to other online

Customer calls on your website.

Live Text Chat

Configure HELPNOV Service

based on Customer, Product /

Service on Your Website

Not All Online users, Products and service are same on

your website. Some may require Audio Call Or Video

Call Or Screen Sharing based on complexity and price

of product / service and location of your website,

to make informed purchase decision.


HELPNOV enables you to configure and offer different

types of service to your online users based what suites

most to make them complete the purchase with confidence.

Live Video Chat

Download Call Recordings for

Quality Improvement

HELPNOV’s configurable Recording feature allows you

to Record all Audio, Video calls between your online

customers and your agent.


Recorded calls will be made available for you to

download for review and quality improvement



Call Recording can be enabled / disabled based

on your choice through HELPNOV’s Profile feature.

Live Video Chat

Close the online sales gap and

Experience Disconnect And Drive

Online Sales Like Never Before

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