Offer ‘In-Person’ Like

Legal Consultation To

Remote Clients Through

Your Website And Appointment

Confirmation Emails.


Provide Guided legal consultation (user consented

audio,1-way, 2-way video calls with on demand

screen sharing) to those crucial and complex

legal documents and discussions.

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Never Miss Client Enquiries

Users visiting your website for their legal needs can easily move out, if there is no easy way to speak to your staff other than chatbots and long waiting customer care calls.
Never miss those legitimate important clients by offering instant humanized conversation from the very page, they are on your website by making you more approachable to them.

‘In-Person’ Legal Consultations

While Being Remote

Make your legal consultation ‘in-person’ even for remote clients
and maximize Client Meetings by reducing last-minute
cancellations by offering Audio, Video call-based legal
consultations to clients from the comfort of where they are.
Most appointments gets cancelled or delayed as a result of–
✔ Getting stuck in Traffic
✔ Not in a situation to Travel
HELPNOV enables your lawyers to offer audio, video call-based
legal consultations with smart phones, tablets.
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Empower Your Client Appointments With Audio, Video Calling With Screen Sharing

HELPNOV enables you to book your client appointments with a clickable button for your clients to click and join legal consultations with following features —


Audio Only
One-Way Video
Two-Way Video
Screen Sharing
Your appointment confirmation email will have this Clickable button and will get Enabled on exact appointment time so that your staff and your client can Click and join the meeting.

Guided Assistance For Complex Legal Documents

Some legal documents and consultations are complex and need more collaborative meeting to review those
crucial legal documents together to make super clear and convincing to your clients.


HELPNOV’s Screen Sharing feature (via audio / video call) enables you to share screen and perform collaborative
review and Q&A session on those crucial legal documents with ‘in-person’ experience.
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